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-1file processing student's academic guidance:

Each guide prepares a file for each of his students and student records the student's name and his division and number of academic and academic advisor provides the necessary papers constantly. The main contents of the file are:

· A copy of the student's personal data.

· A copy of the student's registration table for the semester.

· Detect student to follow up the course.

· A copy of the student's cumulative record.

· A copy of the papers add and drop of courses for students.

· A copy of any decision taken against the student.

-2.Prepare statistical needs student of courses:

· To get a mentor on the initial date of registration of the registration desk.

· The statistical model to account for the student's need of courses.

· Meet his students and identifies with them the requirement according to their academic plans.

· Model fills the need and sends it to the registration desk.


.-3 overseeing the process of deletion and added:

· Guide discusses his students into the reasons for deletion and recognize the justifications.

· Directs students to compensate deleted due to add another decision.

· Distributed cards deletion and added to students wishing to do so.

· Ensure regular student hours after deletion and addition.

· Ensure fulfillment of all card data deletion and addition.

· Supports the card and sends it to the registration desk.

· Keeps a copy of the deletions and new card.

 .-4instruct the Late student curriculum and guidance:

· Puts Guide mechanism to connect to his students when needed.

· Delivers warnings student absences or academic delays in coordination with the registration desk.

· The list latecomers curriculum students.

· Identifies a meeting with these students.

· Transport them to the conviction impact academic delay on their future.

· Shared to develop a plan to address that in coordination with the Department of the college.


-5 communication and coordination with the social worker or psychological or medical:

· Academic advisor to learn that academic advising is an important part of the student counseling.

· Bearing in mind that student guidance and sponsorship and guidance of collective responsibility.

· Engages the rest of the specialists and the college in business administration of an extension, which need treatment programs.

· Converts cases social workers or psychologists or medical confidentiality where required.


-6 prepare a special file for Supreme Leader academic that contains the following:

· leader academic name , Logan  of Group ¸ the number of students.

· Information for guidance.

· The names of the students, and their levels, and their numbers Academy.

· Detect the presence and absence of students.

· Timeline for the extension program.

· Group meetings.

· Individual interviews.

· A copy of any program carried out with the students.