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On behalf of the Clinical Laboratory Sciences department, we welcome visitors to the department's page, wishing that they would find everything they look forward to finding about the department and its activities
This department is proud of its dedication and perseverance in preparing and qualifying generations of specialists in medical laboratories to increment the medical sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The student will be taught the theoretical foundations and practical applications in the main tracks of clinical laboratory sciences. The main tracks includes clinical biochemistry, pathology, blood transfusion, histopathology, and pathological cells, genetic pathology, molecular diagnostics, microbiology, and immunology. The department will ensure to apply the latest teaching and training methods and apply the highest standards of university education rules and academic accreditation.
The department is proud to have faculty members who are distinguished in scientific and research experience in various sub-disciplines of clinical laboratory sciences.
The department also includes group of health cadres from technicians and specialists who supervise the department's educational and research laboratories. The department also includes administrative assistant cadres to facilitate the management of the educational and research process in the department.
In conclusion, the CLS department will be proud to serve the leadership and people of this generous country.