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Executive Functions

The executive functions of the unit

      Powers of the president and Quality Assurance Unit:

· Adoption of policies, programs and systems that achieve the purposes of unity in the light of the strategic quality faculty and the university, and in the framework of the laws and regulations of the organization.

· Supervising the follow-up application and implementation of the decisions of team quality.

· Reporting of the unit, told university development and quality after its adoption.

· Adoption of the rules of the General Labour unity and determine the terms of reference and functions of the quality team and executive committees.

· Overseeing the implementation of the objectives of the unit and workflow control, and receive periodic reports of supervisors  and quality assurance unit.

· Follow up the implementation of public policy designed to achieve the objectives of the unit in accordance with the policy and objectives of the Agency for Development and Quality at the university.

· Meeting periodically Place ensure quality faculty, and members of the unit (faculty, and staff and representatives from the College students).

· Review of periodic reports to administrators and heads of committees quality.

· Decisions facing the work of the Unit and the Executive Committees of the obstacles.

· Continue to display and discuss quality issues on the specialized councils through (College Board - Departments), adoption and implementation of the decisions related to them.

· Supervising the culture of quality awareness campaigns at the level of all employees and college students.

· Decision-making and follow-up implementation and related to the involvement of students in the educational process and quality work within the college and not to marginalize their role as an essential part of the educational process.


Terms of reference of Quality group':

· Overseeing the development of a proposal for the organizational structure and internal regulations of the unit and submitted to the College Board in preparation for decisions about them.

· Supervision to develop a proposal vision, mission and objectives of the unit and reviewed periodically.

· Study and review the vision and mission of the College periodically and submit proposals to the College Board thereon.

Develop annual plan for the unit.

· Executive action plans study made by supervisors Unit and the heads of the committees, in preparation for approval and provide the necessary resources for implementation.

· Supervise the preparation and publication of an annual report of the college reflects the level of performance in all activities and includes an implementation plan for the development to ensure the quality of the educational process and research and community participation.

· Carrying out all tasks assigned to the unit with respect to the work of quality and application.

Terms of reference of Supervisor of quality assurance unit

· Follow the formation of the administrative and organizational structure of the unit, and to propose the formation of the members of the committees of the unit.

· Follow up the implementation of decisions of the head of the unit and a quality team.

· Work to enhance the performance of the unit permanently and continuously to meet the requirements of quality and special activities.

Identify the names distinguished and filtration quality workshops.

· Meeting periodically with members of the unit.

· Weekly meeting of the advisers to the agency to discuss the difficulties and challenges facing the work of the committees.

· Coordinate communication between the two parts of college (boys and girls) with respect to each quality activities and reporting to the Dean and the University Agency for Development and Quality.


Terms of reference of Quality coordinators in academic departments:

· The overall supervision and follow up the work of quality within the department.

· Distribution of tasks to the heads of executive committees.

· Periodic follow-up committees to perform tasks and evaluate the performance of the members.

· Weekly meeting with heads and members of the executive committees to discuss the difficulties and challenges facing the work of the committees.

Provide a periodic report on the work of the committees headed by supervisors  and Quality Assurance Unit to be submitted in turn to the Dean (unit director).


Terms of reference of the heads of the executive committees:

· Distribute tasks to Committee members.

· Periodic follow-up to the implementation of the Committee's functions and evaluate the performance of the members.

· Call for a regular meeting and recording the meeting and submit it to the director of the unit, including the promise of decisions.

• Provide a periodic report on the work of the Committee, which is chaired by supervisors and Quality Assurance Unit to raise it in turn to His Excellency the Director of the unit.