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 Mechanism of the work of the Office

1- New students are defined and transferred the beginning of each (academic year / or separation semester) on the academic advisor

2- meeting are in the first week of each academic year / semester receive new students and transferred at a full meeting attended by academic advisor to provide students with the necessary information for Undergraduate study and definition of system students  duties towards them and their duty towards him.

3- Definition new faculty members recruited or contracted study whether system running courses or credit hours.

4- Emphasis on faculty members to activate Office Hours for the benefit of students and alert the students review the academic advisor when faced with any problem or academic difficulties.

5- Identified through meetings on the progress of students and their progress  and try to help solve the problems they may face and identify their log in information and discover cases that need help.

6- Identify gifted and talented students and their definition and motivate them and care for them.

7- Identify students defaulting curriculum and owners social or health problems or psychological care and directing them to solve their problems.

8- Processing records and papers for the work of the academic advisor for various levels.

9- Holding regular meetings with academic advisers.

10- Follow-up records of students with the academic advisor for various levels to make sure the implementation of the Academic Advising activity data and mobilizing students.

11-Preparing questionnaires and private research academic guidance and dissemination of results to take advantage of them in improving academic advising colleges.