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There are many tasks academic advisor must do, of which the most important are:

1- Gets a list of students from the registration desk or college / department.

2- Meet his students, to know himself and recognize them and built a good relationship with them.

3- Tell them that his work is to provide help and assistance to them.

4- Displays them positives academic guidance system and its advantages.

5- Distributes them papers and publications Extension Card system.

6- Ask them to find out their registration numbers.

7- Stresses the importance of attendance and discipline during their studies.

8- Displays them plan to work with them.

9- Declares them indicative hours and shows them the importance of their communication with him.

10- Answers to their inquiries and welcomes conduct visited.

11-Introduce students to study system (decisions / credit hours)

12- Shows them the importance of university sound relations between them and all teaching group

13- Assistant student is understood the nature of the college and enlightenment Bray of advisor choose to specialize, which benefit students in the labor market

14- help the student in solving its problems first hand Scholastic which reduces failures and increases Belonging to their educational institution.

15- Know calendar academic year and presented to the students especially time of deletion and added..... etc..

16- Encourage students to participate in student activities altogether.

17- Course schedule for the planning and monitoring student academic progress and follow up of the student