Student Support - College of Applied Medical Sciences

student support

Student Support includes
1) Spending on various student activities (sports / arts / culture / social)
2) The availability of places for the exercise of Student Activities
3) Provide student  support (financial/materials/psychological).
4) Support provided by the institution for people with special needs.
5) Availability of social and health care for students.

Reward system:
Bonus: is the amount disbursed to the student by specialty (1000) riyals to students in scientific disciplines and (850) riyals to the student in theoretical disciplines.
Cases where the disposal is no rewards:
A - Exceeded statutory term in accordance with the following:
• Do not apologize period calculated within the statutory period.
• Deferral period are not counted within the statutory period.
• Do not calculated period of interruption within the statutory period.
• Calculates the time spent by students from outside the university converter based on the number of modules studied so calculated each (15 credits) classrooms, and tell about it does not count.
B - Apologize for the study according to the following:
• Do not spend reward for students who apologized for the study.
• Do not spend apologized student the reward from the date of the apology and not relive the bonus that dismissed him during his studies until his apology, and separation is calculated to apologize within the statutory period.
C- Postponement study:
• Do not spend reward for students who postponed for the study.
D- Academically warning:
• Do not spend the reward for the student who sent him a warning academically.