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Head of the department message



Praise be to God Alone, and blessings and peace be upon the one after whom there is no prophet ...

I welcome the students of the Department of Radiation Sciences at Najran University, and we wish them a good academic scientific journey.

Our honourable male and female students: The team of the Department of Radiation Sciences is always ready to provide the necessary support, whether an academic or guidance support.

It is our pleasure to put in your hands THIS GUIDE, which is one of the sources of information and data of interest to students and students in the program during their academic career. We also hope that this guide will be a link in communication and partnership between the department and the male and female students.

In conclusion ... I wish you the best, as you are the basis of our existence, and you achieve many hopes and aspirations. We also inform you that we are very keen to involve the students of this department in what would advance the program and elevate it with the proposals that you contribute to, which are part of the elements of evaluation and continuous improvement, so that we can all become a unique radiology science program.


Dr. Abdullah Ali Asiri

Head of the Radiological Scinces Department