Occupational therapy lab manual

All equipment utilized by faculty/staff/students shall be inspected and cleaned in accordance with manufacturer's guidelines, prior to and following use. Guidelines and instructions for maintenance and cleaning are kept on file in the Occupational Therapy Department. All equipment is stored in the appropriate cabinet or closet at the end of each class session. All cabinet and closet doors must be closed and locked at the end of each class session. Any equipment that is damaged should be tagged as such and reported to one of the faculty. At the end of each session, faculty are responsible for ensuring that equipment is cleaned, disinfected, and stored in the appropriate location(s).

1- Fingers exercise table. Table for hand and finger exercises for different functions and movements to provides reciprocal, assistive & resistive exercises

2- Elastic bands for upper limb exercises. Exercise Tubing(Size 1.5mtrs)(5 Diff. resistance, 10 Detachable handles, 2 Ankle strap, 1 Door strap) in easy to carry Bag. to provides reciprocal, assistive & resistive exercises

3- Pulley system .Tubular constructed wall mounting unit, comes with Two Pulleys, Rope and Two Handles. Set provides reciprocal, assistive & resistive exercises of the elbow and shoulder.

4- Cubes for fine motor hand skills and Pegs Board .These cubes and  boards help in measuring an individual's basic level of function. This measures the functions in the area of color identification/grouping, fingers movement, hand and arm coordination.

5- Mechanical tools for hand function training. different hand tools as Cutting & Scraping Tools, Hammers & Sets, Wrenches for training of different hand functions and provide strength ,coordination .

6- Occupational Hand Exercise Therapy Putty. Occupational Therapy Putty set of Six pieces, with different colures denoting different resistance, generally used for Hand Exercises7- Hand Grip Digital Dynamometer. Hand-Grip Digital Dynamometer with electronic Strain-gauge is engineered for routine screening work & for evaluating maximum strength of subjects grip. Unit can be fixed on wall or on stand. This system with peak hold facility, register force in 1kg graduation from 0 to 99kg, ensuring a high degree of accuracy. Sports complex needs the unit for Sports persons and medical colleges and hospitals need it for evaluating trauma or diseased hand.

8- Occupational Therapy Finger Dexterity Test. Tests manipulative dexterity of right & left hand, individually & simultaneously. Measures dexterity in activities involving gross movements of fingers hand & arm; also measures efficiency in activities involving primarily "tip of the finger" dexterity. Specialized test requires using tweezers to place pins in holes requires precision, steadiness, and a high degree of eye-hand coordination.