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The Measurement and EvaluationCommittee in the Faculty of Medical Sciences, formed an administrative decision of the Dean of the College dated 04/16/1435 H, to conduct all operations related to measurement and evaluation of the activities of the college, the Commission relationship with integrative and participatory nature of working in harmony and unison with the Unit of Performance measurement Deanship ofDevelopment and Quality,and the Committee is composed of:


1.  Dr. Adil Yahia Waddad


2.  Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim


3.  Dr. AbdAlrahim Al Mahbob


4. Ustaz. Alaa Abo Saari


5. Ustaz. EihabHamed Noreen


6.  Dr. AnassAbbasi


7. Ustaz. Ammar Babiker


8. Ustaz. Al BosayriTayfor


9. Ustaz. HamedAbdulaa


10.    Ustaz. Sawsan Ahmed

According to the specific tasks below:

1. The committeeconsidered as one of the Development and QualityUnit in Faculty of Medical Sciences

2. The Committee Hold a periodic meetings.

3. Participate in the development of policies and objectives of measurement and evaluation related to the quality of performance at the university level

4. Formation of performance and achievement record of the committee.

5. Participating in construction and designing of questionnaires and polls related to the measurement of performance indicators to college programs.

6. Participat in the students evaluation of the educational process and courses and faculty Boardin the College.

7. Follow-up evaluations in quality units ofthe faculty.

8. The Committee of Measurement and Evaluation considered as a liaison between the college and the Unit of Performance andMeasurement in Agency of Development and Quality.

9. Hold a regular meetings with the Unit of Performance andMeasurement in Agency of Development and Quality.

10. Carry out a training programmesfor faculty members in the preparation of self-assessment tools and the preparation of reports and statistical interpretations of the implications of digital and dealing with the raw data and the appropriate tools to collect them.

11. Play an active role in providing creative ideas and leading to lift the college and university level and achieve its mission and objectives.