Assessment and review mechanism of physiotherapy program

Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences follow to develop its programs some systems that will facilitate the process of assessment of the program and decision making in which they can identify the points of strength in program to promote it and identify points of weakness to develop suggestions and plans for improvement through results from reports, questionnaires and polls  to follow the following mechanisms:

    Firstly: the evaluation mechanism and internal audit (performed annually): -

- Courses reports  in the program.

- Report of  physical therapy program.

- Evaluation of the paper test scores of courses in the program.

- Reports of comparing the program performance indicators results with the results of previous performance indicators for the program, and other programs performance indicators in the same college.

- A form of graduate employment data.

- Questionnaire of program assessment (students of 9th  level).

- Questionnaire of the student's experience assessment (students of 9th  level).

- Questionnaire of course assessment (the scientific content of the course - the ways and means of learning - the textbook - Professor of the course).

- Questionnaires of opinion polls about the consent of the students and faculty members about teaching sources and their adequacy to ensure achieving the intended learning outcomes (ILOs).

- Questionnaires of opinion polls about the consent of the students and faculty members about the effectiveness of applying special mechanisms (academic guidance and support – Follow up of defaulters students - Follow-up the excellent students - student complaints - the effectiveness of E-learning,,,,).

- A form of evaluating the performance of faculty members and academic leadership of the program.

- Based on previous evaluation results, program specification is reviewed through a committee formed from within the program and prepare a report for internal audit to re- specification of the program (done every five years).

Second: The evaluation mechanism and external audit (done every five years):

- The program is evaluated externally by choosing a professor of landscape program from outside the university and be distinct and experienced and has knowledge about the sciences and management of physical therapy. The program specification and report is sent to him to prepare a report on the form prepared for that.

- Questionnaires of opinion polls of employers on the performance of graduates.


Third: program improvement: -

      A plan is being prepared to improve the program each year based on the results of the previous assessment prepared by internal and external audit for the program.