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Personnel of Physiotherapy Graduates
1- Develop individualized physiotherapy programs for patients based on referrals from physicians, a review of medical records, examination and evaluation of the patient.

2- Apply different types of therapeutics interventions and techniques efficiently.
3- Physiotherapists may specialize in sports physical therapy, orthopedics, pediatrics, geriatrics, hand rehabilitation, women's health, neurology and cardiopulmonary therapy. Many also consult and/or engage in research, education, administration and community health.
4-The ability to self-learning and use scientific resources to remain up to date with the growing scientific and technological aspects of the profession.
5 - Has the research skills and apply research methods in physiotherapy and provide evidence base physiotherapy services.

6- Instruct Physiotherapy procedures as a home care advices for patients, their families, and their care givers.
7- Possess communication skills to interact and practice in collaboration with medical and health care providers along with other therapists and community.
8- Behave according to ethics and professional standards of practice.