Medical Rehabilitation Sciences department - College of Applied Medical Sciences

Department of Medical Rehabilitation Sciences

The Department of Medical Rehabilitation Sciences at the College of Applied Medical Sciences at Najran University includes four rehabilitation programs:
1- Physiotherapy Program.
2- Occupational Therapy Program.
3- Respiratory Therapy Program.
4- Speech and Hearing Program.
The only running program is the Physiotherapy Program, and the rest of the programs are still under process.

About Physiotherapy
Physiotherapy is one of the most important modern medical sciences and has  an effective role in treating many diseases in various medical disciplines. It is based on well-studied scientific principles and widespread clinical application. A physiotherapist can provide services to various segments of society. Physiotherapy is divided into multiple branches that qualify physiotherapists to deal with various conditions such as disorders of the musculoskeletal system, disorders of the skeletal system and the cardiovascular system. The services also include the care of children with special needs, geriatrics, internal medicine and burns and postoperative rehabilitation.
The physiotherapy program includes many specialized disciplines that enable students to complete their postgraduate studies in the following fields:
  • Basic sciences of physiotherapy
    • Physiotherapy for musculoskeletal disorders and its surgery
    • Physiotherapy for neuromuscular disorders and its surgery
    • Physiotherapy for internal medicine and geriatrics
    • Physiotherapy for surgery and burns
    • Physiotherapy for growth and development disorders and its surgery
    • Rehabilitation of sports injuries
    • Orthotics and Prosthesis
    • Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation.
    • Intensive care.
    • Woman health.
Peace, mercy, and blessings of God,
Future colleagues, current male and female students of the physical therapy program, brothers and sisters, members of the faculty, male and female employees of the college, and dear visitors to our page. Welcome to the physical therapy program website, a branch of the Medical Rehabilitation Sciences Department.
In the physiotherapy program, we aim to prepare male and female leaders who excel in all areas of physiotherapy, whether at the social, functional, or voluntary levels. As students are the foundation for building a promising generation, and since they are the basis of the educational process as well as its output, we offer them physiotherapy education at all levels in an environment rich with various learning resources, with advanced teaching techniques to reflect the outputs to the labor market, so that graduates can face all challenges with confidence and sufficient knowledge.
We also seek, according to our strategic plan, to enhance the culture of scientific research, spread the culture of creativity and innovation, and encourage faculty members and students to achieve scientific leadership and knowledge production in the field of physical therapy.
We always strive to achieve the goals of the country and Vision 2030 by providing the local community with graduates who can provide the highest quality treatment and rehabilitation services that cover the needs of the labor market and develop the field of physical therapy, scientifically and socially.
Staff members of our program are also highly efficient and work in a team environment with high professionalism, aiming to accomplish the department's goals. Thus, all my colleagues and I are committed to continuous evaluation of the department's outputs and improve them permanently through planned and reliable scientific steps. Our ambition is high, we will not rest until we are in parallel with the pioneers of the programs at the local, regional, and global levels. It is our pride to see our graduates in the first ranks always and forever.
Our Program is proud of all faculty members and graduates who have made achievements in various local and international fields and levels. These achievements have contributed to elevate Najran University to international rankings.
In conclusion, we ask God Almighty to protect our leaders and rulers, protect our country and nation from all harm and misfortune. We also ask God to guide us to bestow upon the blessing of knowledge and action.
Dr. Husain Saleh Ghulam
Chairman of the Medical Rehabilitation Sciences Department

Physiotherapy Program Mission
The mission of physiotherapy program in Najran University is to prepare competitive physiotherapists equipped with clinical experience and skills by providing a motivating and supportive educational environment and producing competitive scientific research that contributes to community service and meets national requirements.


Objective of Physiotherapy Program
1. Provide a supportive and motivating academic environment for the development of physiotherapy program students' abilities

2. Develop the academic program and the learning outcomes in accordance with the developments and the requirements of the physiotherapy labor market.

3. Enhance   
the system of scientific activities and support scientific research in the field of physiotherapy.

4. Creating postgraduate program that meet the requirements of the physiotherapy labor market.

5. Participate effectively in society and achieving community satisfactions by providing the needed physiotherapy services.

Learning Outcomes of the Physical Therapy Program
The program's learning outcomes in three areas of knowledge, skills and values are as follows:
  • Knowledge:
K1: Integrate concepts of basic and fundamental medical, behavioral, and social sciences related to physiotherapy.
K2: Explain different physiotherapy interventions in terms of their effects, and usage purposes.
K3: Discuss various approaches of evaluation and treatment in different medical/physical conditions.
  • Skills :
S1: Use a problem-solving approach and apply research skills to appraise appropriate assessments and treatment plans related to patients’ medical/physical conditions
S2: Apply a safe, systematic and appropriate physiotherapy assessment for various conditions effectively.
S3: Provide efficiently physiotherapy interventions that are consistent with clinical practice guidelines
  • Values :
V1: Work efficiently with other health care providers to implement and develop an evidence-based practice.
V2: Demonstrate professional behavior in all interactions with patients/clients, family members, caregivers, other health care providers that is consistent with legal, ethical, and professional obligations
V3: Implement self-directed learning and engage in self-development and continued learning to enhance professional development.
V4: Demonstrate effective communication skills with patients, family members, caregivers, other healthcare providers, and public.

Characteristics of graduates of the physiotherapy program

Specifications of graduates of the physiotherapy program at Najran University :
  1. Design professionally individualized physiotherapy plans for patients based on scientific evidence.
  2. Has the skills and competencies in applying evaluation and program of physiotherapy
  3. Has the ability to be specialized in orthopedics, sports, pediatrics, geriatrics, neurological or cardiopulmonary physiotherapy.
  4. Use self-learning and scientific resources to remain up to date with the growing scientific and technological aspects of the profession.
  5. Has the skill to conduct and apply physical therapy research that serves the community
  6. Interact and collaborate with medical and healthcare providers to improve the health status of the community and achieve national goals
  7. Behave according to professional standards of practice regarding the moral and religious aspects of society



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    The main goal of this lab is to train and teach the students about different
    types of exercises to improve their skills for therapeutic purposes. Practicing in the labs gives an excellent opportunity for the students to sharpen their clinical skills by ‘hands-on’ exposure to their colleagues and the use of different types of modalities and devices, such as shoulder wheel, there-Band, free weights, and pulleys.

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    التدرب والممارسة في هذا المعمل يوفر فرصة رائعة للطالب لصقل مهارته الاكلينيكية من خلال (التدرب العملي) على زملائه واستخدام الأنواع المختلفة من الأجهزة والتقنيات، مثل: عجلة الكتف، وحبل المقاومة والأوزان الحرة والبكرات.