Periodic Review Policy in Radiological Sciences Program


Basic information about the program
Program title
Semesters number
Starting year of the program
Radiological Sciences
9 semesters + internship (6 months)
Applied Medical Sciences
First: Introduction
College evolution:
The Radiological Sciences program, Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences at the University of Najran was founded in 1426 h (2006) as the first batch joined the program in 1428 h (2007) and the number was 40 students.
The department has a modern building according to international standards and the duration of the study in program 9 semesters. The department was adopted the practical training in government hospitals and the hospital of the university in the region of Najran. The department has a diagnostic X-rays laboratories includes training in laboratory of general physics, general and advance radiological investigations and ultrasound.
     The department graduated three batches by approximately 10 students in each batch, where student has achieved good reputation graduates of the University and the department.
The program includes a number of individual assessments measure number of elements - such as the evaluation of faculty members, evaluation of students, evaluation of courses and facilities - however the curriculum review process allows us comprehensive assessment process integrated in which all the elements contribute to the success and quality of the program.
  •         Improve the work and develop the program.
  •         Develop a strategy for development based on good logic and foresight.
  •         Assist in long-term planning and setting priorities.
  •         Provide the management and academics decision-makers with important information about the size and scope of the stability and resources of faculty members and the labor market program for students in the future. In addition to the needs of the lectures rooms, laboratories and the strengths and weaknesses and their contribution to the educational mission of the education institution.     
Executive policy
A – Periodic internal review:
  • The Council of the Radiological Sciences Department sets a committee from special faculty members working to gather information on the subject of review by using analytical procedures, which include comparisons between the current period and prior periods.
  • The internal audit process includes the following procedures:
  1. Revision the academic standards and the study of the relationships between learning outcomes and skills acquired by graduates.
  2. Revision the admission and registration procedures.
  3. Revision the reports and corrective action program.
  4. Revision the executive policies and indicators of the quality in the program.
  5. Participation the Dean of the college, faculty members and audit committees in the review process.
  6. Revision the results of the survey and questionnaires that have been packaged by the students, faculty, alumni, employers, the results of the analysis and use of data in the review and development of the program.
  7. Take advantage of the course reports and improvement plans and the report of the External arbitrator in the review and development the program
  8. Revision executive policies in the program, such as a the graduation projects policy, internship policy, faculty members evaluation policy, support practices of credibility and ethics policy, academic system policy, dealing with outstanding students and defaulters and creators policy, communicate with alumni policy, take advantage of members of the teaching in the development of research and development of learning resources policy, support academic excellence for faculty members policy, a list of student rights, safety and security and disaster response policy, development of scientific publishing policy, recruitment and employee manual, and guide to the new student in the department.
  9. Review the vision and mission of the program.
  10. Revision indicators of quality in the program.
  11. Review Plan of Development and Quality Unit.
  • The program should reviewed every five years.
  • The forecast period to complete the audit is from 4 to 6 months by set a timetable for review process.
B - External Audit (Criteria of selecting external auditor):
  • The department board nominates one external auditor to the Dean for approval.
  • The external auditor must at least have Degree of associate professor in the same area of ??specialization.
  • The external arbitrator must be chosen from outside the university (from inside Saudi Arabia or abroad).
  • The premium of external auditor determine according to rewards program available in the Deanship of Development and Quality in Najran University.
  • The external auditor shall fill out the form prepared by the Development and Quality in Najran University.
  • The program is reviewed externally every five years.