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1- Keep graduates in touch with the university and colleges to strengthen their loyalty and belonging to the University.

2- Provide graduates constantly new in their areas of specialization to develop their level and scientific and professional skills.

 3-Activation continuing education programs by colleges to establish programs and training courses for graduates.

 4- Stimulate graduates and students are expected to graduate to participate in programs offered by colleges and the Alumni Office.

 5- Motivate graduates to participate in university activities and through the participation of each of the committees for various activities, both at the college level or university level.

 6- Invitation occasions university graduates its various programs and activities.

 7- Provide an opportunity for graduates to contribute voluntarily to the financial and in-kind support for the development of their university or college or departments from which they graduated.

 8- Day stay for graduates annually invited to attend all graduates lump all colleges with a view to linking the graduate fellow graduate.

9 - A magazine or bulletin semi-annual or annual be known as: (a magazine or newsletter graduates) contain news of interest to graduates.

10- Study the possibility of helping graduates and functionally.

11- To identify functionality and professional problems for graduates and benefit from proper planning of academic programs at the university.