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Function and Departements

 Graduates Office at the university was divided into three main sections :

First, the Department of Alumni Relations:
1.Group of Alumni Relations
• inviting alumni to participate in various activities of the university.
• Participate in the celebrations and exhibitions graduation and alumni.
• organizing visits, evenings, trips to college graduates and (or) the university if the consent of the authority
• organize a meeting periodically to college graduates and (or) the university.
• Organize annual day graduate in the second semester (includes open day of employment).
2.Group of releases and publications
• Coordination with the Department of graduates Deanship of Admission and Registration in the preparation of university graduates guide.
• Setup Guide-party employment which coordinates to employ university graduates.
• Prepare all versions of career opportunities available to graduates with the versions published in the university.
• Preparation of Statistics (variety) for university graduates. Allocation of billboards for the Office of the graduates are distributed to university buildings to monitor job postings to various disciplines

Second: functional rehabilitation department:
1. group qualifying courses
• coordination to organize seminars, workshops and training courses offered by the university graduates.
• Coordination of training courses in the skill of writing a resume for students expected to graduate.
• Coordination of training courses in personal interviews of students expected to graduate skills.
• Coordination of training courses in the art of search techniques appropriate career opportunities.

2. Career Counseling Group:
• guide and direct the graduates and students expected to graduate in the process of searching for career opportunities and employment as possible.
• Work to provide those wishing to employ university graduates and graduates were expected to graduate.
• work to identify career opportunities for graduates of the university and updated periodically.
• Work on a mechanism to follow up on the employment of university graduates have student bodies of data graduates mode.
• Follow-up Office of the status of graduate students and gather information about the jobs they got from both the public and private sectors and from inside and outside the Kingdom.

Third: D department and follow-up:
1. Computer Group
• documenting data university graduates in a special archive (paper and electronic).
• updated lists of graduates and the renewal of their information periodically.
• Establish a communications network among the graduates.
• constant updating of the website of the office at the university's Web site.
• Coordination with the information center at the university to develop the work of graduates Office mechanisms by exploiting the available information technologies.
• Coordinating the work of the special office information system and the establishment of a database of university graduates.
2. Community Service Group
• assist graduates in finding areas of graduate students through guidance and counseling.
• dissemination of advertisements relating to the completion of graduate studies in various universities and to provide the necessary clarifications and information.
• take advantage of the graduates and their experience in participating in their views on plans and programs of study.
• Coordination with the university colleges about their boards take advantage of the visuals graduates to study a particular suit.
• Find the type of material and moral support for the programs and activities of the university through alumni and institutions to which they belong.