About the Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Clinical laboratory Sciences Department is one of the most important clinical laboratory medical majors as the study therein includes the study of the four main major namely: medical microbiology, clinical biochemistry, blood pathology, histology and pathological cells.

· Medical microbiology is concerned with the study of the microorganisms that cause diseases, as it introduces students to methods of isolation and identification of these microbes for the diagnosis of infection and the proper treatment of this infection.
· In clinical biochemistry, students are introduced to the methods used in measuring and monitoring changes that occur to the human body in case of disease.
· Diseases that affect red blood cells and platelets and white blood cells as anemia and leukemia are considered as the subject of study in the pathology of blood. Blood transfusion science concerns the safe methods to transfuse blood and blood components from donors to those who need it.
· Histology and pathological cells science study the pathological and normal tissues of the body as well as changes that occur to these tissues as well as to the cells and in case of disease.

The program is carried out by the graduation of laboratory Specialists highly qualified with high scientific skills and knowledge and commitment to Islamic values and traditions. Therefore, after the student passes nine semesters followed by one year of practical training (the year of residency), then he shall be given a bachelor's degree in medical laboratory science.


Places of employment:

Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences - Department of Medical Laboratories - prepares students to work in the medical laboratories within hospitals, which provides routine and urgent laboratory medical analysis for diagnostic purposes and follow-up. The graduates of the faculty of Applied Medical Sciences - Department of Medical Laboratories - can work in several areas including:
- Medical Research Centers
- Consulting
- Commercial sector laboratories
- Education
- Forensic Biological Sciences
- Laboratory information systems
- Public Health / Infection Control
- Research and product development
- Sales and marketing in the field of medical / laboratory equipment
- Supervision / management / management of health facilities
- Quality Assurance / Total Quality Improvement