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The College of Applied Medical Science was established upon the request of the High Holy Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, to be one of the colleges of health at Najran University. It was founded due of the lack of qualified health personnel in all therapeutic, preventive and rehabilitative fields to keep pace with the developed health service level and to attain the scientific and technical progress in Public Health Fields.

The College of Medical Science is made of:
· Department of Radiological Sciences for (girls –boys)
· Department of Physical Therapy
· Department of Biomedical equipment

Study system:

The college of Applied Medical Science adopts the annual system in general and the English language. At the first year, the admitted students of this college study a common syllabus with the admitted students in the other colleges of health such as college of dentistry, college of medicine and college of pharmacy.

The college students in all specialties get their theoretical and practical lessons by using various methods such as theoretical lectures, debates, practical lessons and intensive clinical sessions in hospitals (Medical Laboratory Technology, Radiology, and Physiotherapy).

Graduation requirements:
The college grants its students a bachelor degree after spending four academic years and internship and after passing exams successfully. He will be considered graduated from the department after meeting all graduation requirements according to the lesson plan, on condition that the general estimation will not be less than accepted, in addition to achieve the university requirements which are 4 syllabus in the Islamic culture, Arabic language, Information Technology and English language.